Knots Global’s Mandate is to ensure that our Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental policies and procedures continually advance to protect our staff, assets, surroundings and reputation in carrying out international certified vessel operations, we place our safety at the forefront in any situation. Knots Global has a dedicated Health, Safety and Environment team supported by a marine assurance team who continually develop our assurance management systems. This enables us to regularly review all safety procedures and take any legislative requirements and industry best practice into account to ensure that the Mooring and unmooring operations are carried out to highest international standards in the West Africa. We are proud to boast a safety record of excellence.

Safety as we say is, and always will be at the forefront of our minds when conducting any operations. Knots Global’s safety initiatives make available information on incidents that we have experienced or that we have learned about from our clients and the industry. Safety initiative procedures are issued to our Operations coordinators, Operations officers, Vessel crew and staff every quarter highlighting topical issues. We believe if one person changes due to our initiative and an incident is avoided then we have achieved a milestone.

Environmental Knots Global’s mandate is not only to implement measures to prevent pollution, but also continually improve our environmental performance, whilst also making aware and encouraging all parties associated with the company to consider how they affect the environment. We ensure strict compliance with all West African environmental laws and other regulations, which form part of our daily operations. We currently are in the process of getting a certificate ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management.

Health and Safety
Health and Safety


At Knots Global we are dedicated to ensuring compliance and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. In so doing, we ensure strict adherence to relevant statutory and safety requirements, ensuring that our staff have in-depth knowledge in the performance of their duties, and that all infrastructure and work environment are appropriate. We currently are in the process of getting a certificate to ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Assurance and Management.

Health and Safety


Knots Global understands the importance of safety in all operations. Monitoring the weather is important for the safe implementation of operations be it: Product freight, STS operations. Cranes, Mechanical handling operations, Supply voyages, loading and back‐loading are limited by equipment performance that deteriorates in poor weather conditions. We understand that the sailing of any vessel is contingent upon reasonable weather conditions for that vessel, the nature of the work, and the experience of the Vessel Operator in Charge.
The Weather forecast policy and algorithm serves as is created to foster adherence to safe weather conditions.