Operations Team: At Knots Global you can be rest assured that our Operational team are monitoring all operations 24/7. With telephone line open at all hours. Our operations team constitute young, dynamic and proactive maritime personnel who have collectively over 30 years of experience in the Maritime and Oil and Gas industry

Vessel Crew Knots Global Limited team are undoubtedly the most experienced in Nigeria and around the Gulf of Guinea with over 35 years of Experience, training and dedication to Vessel Logistics and adherence to International Standards.

All Knots Global’s vessel crew Captain, Chief Mates, Chief Engineers, Second Engineers, Boatwains,Able bodies,Cooks are fully MARPOL compliant and meet all Statutory requirements such as:

  • Certificate of Competence
  • International STCW certification standards
  • Valid medical certificate
  • DCE (Dangerous Cargo Endorsement)

They are responsible for the safe coordination of all activities of piloting, berthing, loading, unmooring and mooring operations in an efficient manner.

  • Managing operations and ensuring safety procedures throughout the operations.
  • Certifying conditions of the vessels’ (mother and daughter) and guaranteeing that they are conducive for operations.
  • Supervising the vessels’ approach and regulating the speed of cargo transfer.
  • Supervising the mooring of the fenders and the positioning of the hoses.
  • Overseeing the connection of hoses and movement of vessels upon completion of the operation.
  • Berth and unberth tankers and other vessels to undergo STS transshipment, Terminal transshipment.
  • Coordinate loading and discharging aboard tankers at offshore berths.