Knots Global Company

Providing International Standard Vessel Chartering,
Procurement and Management Services to
the Oil & Gas Industry In Nigeria.


About Us

Knots Global Company is an indigenous Nigerian company incorporated with a mandate to promote international Maritime standards and practices in the West African Vessel Charter Industry.
Our core business is in the provision of State of the art Vessels for all Marine Logistics related operations.
i.e. the provision of all types of Vessel for Cargo/Product logistics, Fast Support intervention services, Personnel Transfer as well as crew management.
We come with a mandate ensuring all operations are done in accordance to IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards and by internationally certified crew.
At Knots Global, we are governed by professionalism, efficiency, competence and compliance to International standards.
We guarantee you peace of mind during operations and look forward to working with you.

About Us



We aim to be the number one Vessel Charter, Management and Maintenance Company in Africa through our core values: professionalism, innovation and compliance to international maritime standards.



At Knots Global Limited, we will ensure quality, affordable and efficient services through employing bright minds, motivated and well trained personnel as well as strict accordance to IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards while creating superior value to both our clients and stakeholders.

Business Ethics


At Knots Global we strive to grow our business with honesty, integrity, hard work and efficient service delivery and let our services speak for itself.

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